Jiaping Qiu, Professor of Finance, CIBC Chair in Financial Markets
DSB309, DeGroote School of Business
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8S 4M4
Phone: 905-525-9140, Ext.23963. Fax: 905-521-8995. Email address:qiu @ mcmaster dot ca

Working Papers

  • "Are Firms as Liquid as they Appear in Annual Reports?" with Rahman Khokhar and Mohammad M. Rahaman. [pdf]
  • "Chilling Effects of Patent Trolls", with Feng Chen, Yu Hou and Gordon Richardson. [pdf]
  • "Patent to Market Premium," with Kevin Tseng and Cao Zhang [pdf]
  • "Technology and Return Predictability," with Jin Wang and Yi Zhou [pdf]
  • "Valuation Effects along the Technology Channel: Evidence from Corporate Bankrupties," with Jin Wang and Wei Wang. [pdf]
  • "CEO Pay with Perks," with Andrew Carrothers and Seungjin Han. [pdf]
  • "A Nonlinear Quantile Regression Test of the Pecking Order Model," with Brian Smith. [pdf]
  • "Superstition and Risk-taking: Evidence from 'Zodiac Year' beliefs in China", 2022, with Ray Fisman, Wei Huang, Bo Ning, Yue Pan and Yongxiang Wang, forthcoming, Management Science.
  • "Employee Costs of Corporate Bankrutpcy," 2022, with John Graham, Hyunseob Kim and Si Li, forthcoming, Journal of Finance. [pdf]
  • "Hometown Ties and Favoritism in Chinese Corporations: Evidence from CEO Dismissals and Corporate Social Responsibiliy", 2021, with Hongjin Zhu, Yue Pan and Jinli Xiao, Journal of Business Ethics.
  • "Credit Risk Spillovers and Financial Flexibility," 2021, with Jin Lei, Chi Wan and Fan Yu, Journal of Corporate Finance. [pdf]
  • "Technology Conglomeration, Strategic Alliances, and Corporate Innovation," 2019, with Kai Li and Jin Wang, Management Science. [pdf]
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