Recent Courses Taught (Brian Detlor)

Undergraduate Courses

COMMERCE 4KH3: Strategies for Electronic and Mobile Business
This course covers the strategic issues the modern business manager must deal with in making strategic decisions concerning the choice, implementation, and execution of electronic and mobile business solutions for start-ups and established enterprises. 
COMMERCE 4KF3: Project Management
Topics include: project selection, project organization structures, life cycles, planning, estimation, budgeting, resource allocation, contracting, project management software,reporting and controlling issues and conflict management.
Graduate Commerce Courses
COMMERCE K795: Qualitative Methods in Information Systems Research
The objective of this course is to present and discuss qualitative methods in information systems research. The course provides students with a working knowledge of a range of qualitative methods and approaches. The course covers key qualitative IS research papers and common qualitative data collection and analysis methods in the IS field. Students obtain hands-on experience coding and analysing qualitative data using qualitative data analysis software, and discuss qualitative research issues.