Recent Courses Taught (Brian Detlor)

Undergraduate Courses

COMMERCE 4KH3: Management Issues in Electronic Business
This course will cover the issues that the modern business manager must deal with in making strategic decisions concerning the choice, implementation, and execution of electronic business solutions.
COMMERCE 4KF3: Project Management
Topics include: project selection, project organization structures, life cycles, planning, estimation, budgeting, resource allocation, contracting, project management software,reporting and controlling issues and conflict management.
Graduate Commerce Courses
COMMERCE K794: Advances in Information Systems Research
The objective of this course is to present and discuss some of the latest advances and issues in information systems research. This will give students an opportunity to examine a number of opportunities for advanced research. A variety of the latest research topics will be presented by IS faculty members, visiting researchers, and by Ph.D. students taking the course. Learning will be from assigned readings, presentations, in-class discussions, and through the preparation of individual presentations and term papers.
LIM 501: Leadership in Library Administration and Management (taught online @ USC's Marshall's School of Business)
The purpose of this course is to teach the fundamentals of leadership and management in libraries and information centers. This course primes the student in the fundamentals in the leadership and management of libraries and information centers. Students gain practical techniques and theoretical insights in leading and managing libraries and information centers successfully.