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Current Research Projects (Brian Detlor)

Promoting Digital Literacy in the Community through Public Library Initiatives. Principal Investigator: Dr. Brian Detlor; Co-Investigators: Dr. Heidi Julien (University at Buffalo); Dr. Tara La Rose (McMaster University); Dr. Alexander Serenko (Lakehead University). Partner organizations: Canadian Federation of Libraries Association; Canadian Urban Libraries Council; Hamilton Public Library; McMaster University’s Office of Community Engagement. This project investigates the efficacy of public library approaches to digital literacy skills development and the promotion of digital literacy among the communities that public libraries serve. Digital literacy is the set of skills, knowledge and attitudes required to access, create, use, and evaluate digital information effectively, efficiently, and ethically. The high-level research question guiding this investigation is: "How can public libraries in Canada best deliver and evaluate the digital literacy
initiatives they provide to the communities they serve?"

The Hamitlon Digital Literacy Social Lab.
The Hamilton Digital Literacy Social Lab is a social innovation lab project carried out by the Community Campus CoLab at McMaster University. The primary goal of Hamitlon's Digital Literacy Social Lab is to launch a series of digital literacy sub-projects co-led by community and campus partners in the Hamilton area. These sub-projects will investigate a variety of approaches that develop the digital literacy skills of Hamilton community members and/or increase Hamilton community member interest in digital literacy. Evaluation of these sub-projects to yield recommendations for best practice is a golal of the Hamilton Digital Literacy Social Lab initiative.

Past Research Projects (Brian Detlor)

Love Your City, Share Your Stories: The Use of Digital Storytelling by Municipal Cultural Organizations as a Promotion of Place. Principal Investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University); Co-Investigators: Dr. Maureen Hupfer; Dr. Walter Peace; Dr. David Harris Smith – (all from McMaster University); Research Partners: Hamilton Public Library, McMaster University Library, City of Hamilton - Tourism and Culture Division.

Mapping the Landscape of Human-Participant Research Ethics Board (REB) Systems in Canada. Principal Investigator: Michael Wilson (McMaster University); Co-investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University).

An Analysis of Qualitative LibQual Survey Data. Principal Investigator: Kathy Ball (McMaster University); Co-investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University).

Assessing Learning Outcomes of Information Literacy Instruction at Canadian Business Schools. Principal Investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University); Co-investigators: Heidi Julien (University of Alberta), and Alexander Serenko (Lakehead University).

Online Information Seeking: Understanding Individual Differences and Search Contexts. Principal Investigator: Maureen Hupfer (McMaster University); Co-investigators: Brian Detlor (McMaster University); Elaine Toms (University of Sheffield), and Valerie Trifts (Dalhousie University).

Adoption and Use of Community Municipal Portals. Principal Investigator: Brian Detlor; Co-investigators: Maureen Hupfer, and Umar Ruhi (all McMaster University).

The myhamilton.ca User Uptake and Adoption Study. Research Team: Brian Detlor, Maureen Hupfer, and Umar Ruhi (all McMaster University).

Managing Knowledge and Information in Times of Major Organizational Transition. Principal Investigator: Chun Wei Choo (University of Toronto); Co-investigators: Pierrette Bergeron (Université de Montréal), Brian Detlor (McMaster University), and Lorna Heaton (Université de Montréal).

Intelligent Agents, Information Seeking, and the Display of Web-based Product Information. Principal Investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University).