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Current Research Projects (Brian Detlor)

The Digital Literacy Social Lab. The Digital Literacy Social Lab is a social lab project carried out the Community Campus CoLab at McMaster University. Digital literacy refers to the skills and know-how required by citizens to function and participate fully in today's digital society. The primary goal of DLSL is to launch a series of digital literacy sub-projects co-led by community and campus partners in the Hamilton area. These sub-projects will investigate a variety of approaches that develop the digital literacy skills of Hamilton community members and/or increase Hamilton community member interest in digital literacy.

Love Your City, Share Your Stories: The Use of Digital Storytelling by Municipal Cultural Organizations as a Promotion of Place, 
Principal Investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University); Co-Investigators: Dr. Maureen Hupfer; Dr. Walter Peace; Dr. David Harris Smith – (all from McMaster University); Research Partners: Hamilton Public Library, McMaster University Library, City of Hamilton - Tourism and Culture Division.

Past Research Projects (Brian Detlor)

Mapping the Landscape of Human-Participant Research Ethics Board (REB) Systems in Canada, Principal Investigator: Michael Wilson (McMaster University); Co-investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University).

An Analysis of Qualitative LibQual Survey Data, Principal Investigator: Kathy Ball (McMaster University); Co-investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University).

Assessing Learning Outcomes of Information Literacy Instruction at Canadian Business Schools, Principal Investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University); Co-investigators: Heidi Julien (University of Alberta), and Alexander Serenko (Lakehead University).

Online Information Seeking: Understanding Individual Differences and Search Contexts, Principal Investigator: Maureen Hupfer (McMaster University); Co-investigators: Brian Detlor (McMaster University); Elaine Toms (University of Sheffield), and Valerie Trifts (Dalhousie University).

Adoption and Use of Community Municipal Portals,  Principal Investigator: Brian Detlor; Co-investigators: Maureen Hupfer, and Umar Ruhi (all McMaster University).

The myhamilton.ca User Uptake and Adoption Study, Research Team: Brian Detlor, Maureen Hupfer, and Umar Ruhi (all McMaster University).

Managing Knowledge and Information in Times of Major Organizational Transition, Principal Investigator: Chun Wei Choo (University of Toronto); Co-investigators: Pierrette Bergeron (Université de Montréal), Brian Detlor (McMaster University), and Lorna Heaton (Université de Montréal).

Intelligent Agents, Information Seeking, and the Display of Web-based Product Information, Principal Investigator: Brian Detlor (McMaster University).